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Exclusive! Rosy Muerer talks about marriage to Churchill in new interview; read full interview here


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Nigeria’s most controversial couple Olakunle Churchill and Rosey Muerer graced the September cover of MediaRoomHub magazine where they unveiled the face of their baby boy few days after he was dedicated in church.

Rosey in an interview with the Magazine’s editor in Chief Azuka Ogujiuba, with her husband and baby beside her spoke about married life and parenting so far. She talked extensively about what it feels like to be a mother and a wife to Olakunle Churchill despite the circumstances surrounding their marriage and social media reactions and trolling towards she and her husband.

The Churchills- znebs


Read full interview here; 

Q: You look so beautiful after childbirth; how were you able to bounce back to shape?


A: I think it has to do with my body type. I’m still a bit chubby here and there, but altogether I work out sometimes. I still wear waist trainers and eat my normal portions, and basically, let us say that is how I am. It’s my body; it’s the way my body is built. It’s my nature to snap back in shape. Like I said, I’m still chubby.


Q: But I also noticed when you walked in that your butt looked enlarged, did you go on the surgeons table ?


A: No. I’m just chubby, so I gained weight, on my bum, my belly, my breasts, my arms and because I’ve been wearing waist trainers and I’ve been working out, as a result, my tummy is going down a little bit, but the bum still stays. So, I mean, it’s my nature.


Q: Bearing a child for the first time comes with many changes and adjustments. Can you describe your motherhood experience?


A: Well, motherhood for me is the best feeling ever. It was the best experience I’ve ever had. I feel like I’ve found my purpose, and it’s just so intriguing. I’m thrilled; at the same time, I’m scared because when my baby coughs, I get worried “is he sick?” Does he have flu? He’s usually very hyperactive and bubbly. When he’s not hyper I will begin to say to myself, “Is there something wrong?” So, It’s just a whole new feeling. It’s just different, but I would say he’s my teacher; he’s been teaching me so much, and I am ever so grateful to God as I am right now. I have given life to the world, but in reality, I have been given a new life, so I’m extra happy, and I will love to be a mother all over again.


Q: So, how many times do you intend to go to the labour room?


A: Three times. Two more times from now. He wants four. I’m still thinking about it.


Q: We all know that when you’re pregnant, you have to go on a compulsory nine-month holiday; out of everything, your career, your work. How did that affect your acting career? Did it slow you down in any way? And also, do you think it’s going to be difficult for you to bounce back on the movie industry and movie roles.


A: Actually, it did slow me down a little bit because, during my pregnancy, I was away from work, but I made money from endorsements; I mean influencing jobs. Aside from that, I wasn’t able to act.


Q: As an actress, motherhood has slowed you down. What do you miss the most? Do you miss your movie set life? Which is more paramount to you right now? The set life and your baby.


A: Well, I miss doing movies so much, I miss being on set so much, but I’d instead nurture my baby, for now. Although I’d still be able to go on set once in a while, depending on the movie role and the script I get. For now, I’m just taking care of my baby, and I’d be doing influencing deals as well. And that’s it for now. I’m just concentrating on my baby and giving him my full attention.


Q: When you see negative things on social media directed to you, how do you handle them? 

Or when trolls come after you on your page?


A: I used to be one of that would read comments, but I never really get affected by them because I would say I have thick skin. It’s like seeing dust on the table, and you blow it away and move on. That’s just really how I deal with it. I’m not one to read comments anymore. Like I post pictures and scroll through the first few comments I see, or maybe if I’m tagged, I’ll take a look at it. Aside from that, I feel like everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as their opinion doesn’t change me and affect me. I don’t think I have a problem with anyone saying their mind.

Q: Rosy, how can you describe Churchill as a person. Sometimes women talk more than themselves; when you get to an argument with him, what’s his reaction?


A: He’s a very peaceful person; he’s quiet. He always cracks jokes. He is always very funny, and he’s always in his own space. He does not meddle into people’s businesses or react to anything. You can easily bully him and he would never respond. You might take him for a fool, but he is not; that is his personality; he’s reticent, he’s into himself, he’s reserved, and because of that, people take advantage of it, so I am that tough one, I stand for him most times.

Q: Whenever the two of you step out, your faces beam with smiles, obviously you guys are in your own world ?


A: He’s my friend. Most times when you see us together- when you see the smiles on our faces, it’s because we are both comfortable with each other, and we talk about everything and anything. There’s never a time when we are sitting together, and we are bored. Even if we are quiet and not saying anything, we are very comfortable and happy because we are together. So most times, we talk about anything. I’m very comfortable with him, he’s a lovely person, he is a witty man.

Q: Are you aware that on social media you guys they refer to as “Sister and Brother”


A: We were still at that point where she called me brother, and I called her sister too, but that was sometimes ago. We truly don’t care what anyone says or thinks about our union, at the long run , everyone will be fine .

Q: Do you see yourselves growing old together?


A: Yes, because I’m his best friend

Q: Many celebrity marriages have issues, and women call out their husbands on social media. If you find yourself in that situation, would you also do the same thing?


A: I would never call my husband out on social media. I would never bring my personal life to social media. I also don’t believe my husband would cheat on me because I trust him, but if he does and he’s remorseful, I would forgive him because we have a child together, and we have agreed we are staying together forever. I don’t think there’s anything that can make me leave my husband, not even for a side chick. I’m the main chick . I’m the boss. I’m the side chick; I’m everything to him. That’s all that matters to me.

Q: There’s no perfect marriage; we all know that. How do you guys handle your issues when he annoys you or when you annoy him?


A: I’m always the annoying one, but he annoys me back by just walking away. The silent treatment is very painful, and he’s so good at that. He’s good at walking away when the situation is tensed. When we argue and fight during the day, we sleep at night on the same bed, and with that, we settle our issues, so there’s no time where we are upset, or we are arguing, or we fight with each other, and I decide to sleep on the sofa or in another room. So, one thing that always keeps a marriage. I know l am new to that world, yes I know, but in relationships, one thing that will keep you guys together is not always separating yourself from each other. At night, we sleep on the same bed. He would cuddle me eventually, and we would make up in the morning. If we go to bed upset and it is cold, and he’s asleep before me, I don’t allow the fact that we fought during the day to make me leave him to the cold, I’d take the duvet, and cover him, and then I turn my face, and eventually, he would hold me and then we’d make up. I am the one that prolongs our fight because I love it when he begs me after a quarrel. He’s always that one trying to beg; baby sorry, baby sorry. As a woman, I need to do “Yangs” small. I am constantly prolonging it. It is lovely to see him beg me when I am upset. That’s just the irony of it. He makes me upset, but he begs me, so when I make him upset, he still begs me. Either way, he’s always the one begging me, so he’s just easy-going. And l am grateful to God almighty where l have found myself .



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